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Five Tips To Stay Warm In Cold Winter Weather

Toronto Ice Skating Winter Cold Weather

Five Tips To Stay Warm In Cold Winter Weather

Toronto and the GTA has been faced with extremely cold weather. Yesterday’s temperature of -22 C broke a 57-year old cold weather record of -18.9 C for Toronto’s coldest day. Although not as extreme, this cold weather is expected to continue into the new year. Follow these 5 tips to staying warm outside in the winter.

Eat A Hearty Meal

Before heading outside eat a hearty meal. Fill up on carbohydrates such as grains, oats or rice. This will give your body the fuel and energy it will need to burn to keep you warm.

Layer Your Clothes

When getting ready remember the 3 layer rule. You can always take a layer off if you get warm but you can’t put anything on that you don’t have. The first layer is your under layer. It should be a fitted, thin, long sleeve made of cotton or a thermal shirt. This will help wick away any sweat. The second layer should be something that will keep you warm, like a wool or fleece sweater or sweatshirt. Finally, the third layer is your outer layer, it should be a winter jacket that is wind and water proof. This layer will protect you from the elements.

Cover Your Extremities

Wear a scarf, hat, mittens and thick socks. It’s important to cover any exposed part of your body. Covering up will keep you warmer longer and protect you from wind burn or frost bite.

Don't Sit Down

Try to avoid sitting while outside, the warmth from your body will transfer to the cold object you are sitting on, causing you to loose heat which will make you colder faster than if you were standing.

Stay Active

Move around and be active while you are outside. The longer you stay still the colder you will get. To warm yourself up do some quick exercises like jumping jacks or speed walking.

Don't let the cold weather stop you from enjoying outside. Dress properly, bundle up and stay active. Enjoy all the fun winter activities Toronto has to offer.

Don't let the cold weather put your life on hold!


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