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May 7, 2020
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Continued Success with Online Learning

Continued Success with Online Learning

As we reach almost 10 weeks of online learning it can be easy to fall into habits that don't foster the best learning environment. It's important to treat each online class as you would an in-person one. Follow these six tips to ensure you are successful during this time of distance learning.

Tips for Online Learning:

Stick to a Routine

Try and follow the same routine each day. This will help regulate your mind and get you prepared for each task. Knowing your complete schedule will ensure you are not rushing to start your class.

Set up a Workspace

If you haven't already, set up a dedicated work area. If possible, pick somewhere in your house where you can get away from noise and distractions. Going to the same space every day will help build a routine.

Test Your Equipment

Before the start of the class make sure your internet is working, check your computer audio and video, and that you can access the meeting.

Participate in the Meeting

To stay engaged, participate in the meeting. Answer the teacher's questions, complete the polls and quizzes. Give your teacher your full attention, this means turning off any distractions.

Ask Questions

If you have questions ask them. Utilize the chat function, you can ask your teacher questions privately or to the whole class. Don't wait until the class is over, ask during the meeting where you will receive an answer from your teacher in real-time.

Utilize the Breaks

When your teacher gives you a break use it. Don't remain at your desk, give your legs a stretch, go to the washroom, or grab a snack. This will help refresh your mind for the next section.

As we continue on with online learning it's important to follow these tips to make the most out of your program. If you haven't enrolled yet and are looking to get started please email us or give us a call. We value our student's success!


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