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How to Make the Most Out of Your Commute

If you commute to school use it to your advantage. This is a set block of time you know you have every day. You can use this time to study, relax, get some little tasks out of the way, or have some time to yourself and relax a little.

Study/Catch Up on Your Reading

Use your commute to study. Write your notes on cue cards, they will be easier to hold. You can also use your commute to read the next chapter in your textbook, which will save you time at home.

Do the Little Tasks

Use your commute to catch up on any little tasks you have to do, such as making phone calls or sending emails. You can also use this time to organize your day or evening. Think of all the tasks you have to do and plan out when and how you're going to accomplish them.


You can also use your commute to relax. Maybe your life is extra busy and this is the only time you have to yourself. Throw on some noise-canceling headphones and listen to some music, a podcast or catch up on your favourite show. Use your commute to unwind and have some guilt-free social media time.
Don't let a long commute deter you from returning to school, look at it as an opportunity to complete your class work or to unwind at the end of the day. This is guaranteed time you will have every day to study or to use as personal time that you might not get otherwise.

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