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International Students Choose to Study in Canada Over Any Other Country

According to Forbes, International Students are choosing to study in Canada in record numbers. Year after year the United Nations ranks Canada as one of the best places to live. With high academic standards, a multicultural society, a safe and welcoming environment, and vast natural landscapes, it’s no wonder why over 404,000 International Students choose Canada as the place to further their studies. While other countries, such as the United States see a plateau in International Student enrollments, Canada's enrollment continues to soar.

Why are International Students Choosing Canada?
High Academic Standards

Canada offers high-quality education, with strict standards and guidelines. Canadian degrees, diplomas, and certifications are globally recognized, setting you up for great career success.

Multicultural Society

Canada is a multicultural society. Almost all of the world’s ethnic groups are represented here. You are able to find grocery stores, restaurants, clubs, and associations of all ethnic backgrounds. There are also many events held throughout the year, celebrating various cultures and their traditions.

Natural Environment

Canada is a country filled with magnificent landscapes. From parks, beaches, mountains, and forests, it creates a great environment for many outdoor activities. Canada also experiences four distinct seasons, Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall, each season creating the perfect scenario for various activities.

Safe and Welcoming

Canada is recognized as a very safe and welcoming country. Canada has a low crime rate (1.6 per 100,000 while in the US it is 4.5 per 100,000). Canada is known as a mosaic country meaning there is a mix of ethnic groups, languages, and cultures.

Work Program

The Canadian Government offers a Post-Graduate Work Permit (PGWP) to students who obtained a diploma in Canada and are looking to gain work experience and develop their professional skills. PGWP allows you to work anywhere in Canada, for any employer, for up to three years. Work experience gained on a PGWP can also contribute towards your eligibility for permanent immigration programs.

City College of Business, Health & Technology

City College is a great choice for those considering furthering their studies in Canada. Our small class sizes lead to a better learning environment. You can easily ask questions, participate and have one on one time with the teachers. Our teachers also have field experience, bringing their first-hand knowledge and expertise into the classroom. We are also conveniently located and easily accessible by transit.

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