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September 3, 2019
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How to Increase Your Focus

How to Increase Your Focus

We've all been there, you sit down to study and your mind begins to wander. There are things you can do to increase your focus and get into the proper mindset to study.

1. Choose Somewhere Comfortable to Study

Dedicate a spot to be your study space. Choose somewhere well lit, quiet and with minimal distractions. Note: Don't choose your bed as your body associates it with sleep and you'll begin to feel tired. Avoid heavily populated areas and spots that have a tv. The fewer distractions the easier it will be to focus.

2. Create a Study Routine

Try and study at the same time and do the same things before you start studying. Whether that means clearing your desk off before you start, making yourself a tea, or going for a short walk. By doing the same things before you start studying eventually will create a pattern for your brain and it will signal to your body that you are getting ready to study. This will help prepare your brain to focus.

3. Create a Study Plan

Jot down everything you plan of studying and break it down into 25-minute increments. The idea is to study one topic completely uninterrupted for the 25 minutes. Set yourself an alarm, when the alarm goes off take a short 3-5 minute break and repeat the 25-minute cycle 3 more times. If you still have more to study at the end of the 4 cycles give yourself a 30-minute break and do the cycle once more. The key is to keep your study sessions under 4 hours so you don't burn out and overwhelm yourself.

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