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August 2, 2017
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Four Keys To Success As An Adult Student


One great thing about being an adult student is YOU have chosen to return to school, no one is forcing you to be there. This will make learning easier, when we are interested in something our brains retain more. So pay attention in class, focus, ask questions and absorb. Learn everything you possibly can. Take advantage of the resources offered at your school and get involved. Also take advantage of the knowledge your professor has to offer, they have experience in the field, they know industry tip and tricks. Listen to their stories, learn from their mistakes and triumphs. Use everything as a learning tool and watch yourself succeed.


As an adult student you more then likely all ready have a lot on your plate. From children to a full time job, your schedule is full. Don't try and take on too much, sit down and find a balance. City College offers morning, evening and weekend classes, write out your schedule and see where class best fits for you. Don't forget to give yourself time to sleep and relax, you can't always be on the go or you will burn out. Our brains needs time to sleep so we can process what we leaned during the day. If you're just walking around on auto-pilot you'll find you're not retaining information like you should be. Find that balance between busy life and downtime and you'll find success.


Be confident in yourself and what you are doing. You decided to go back to school for a reason, don't let stress and anxiety make you second guess yourself. Maybe you dropped out of school in the past, or maybe you feel like you're too old. What ever your worries may be, don't let them get in the way of your success. There is no better time than now, there is no better day than today. Henry Ford once said, “Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t — you’re right.” This is a great statement to live by, if you believe you will succeed you will set yourself up for success. But if you believe you can't accomplish something then you won't even try. So be confident in yourself and you'll set yourself on the path to success.


Get to know those around you, these people are your future colleagues and potential employers. You never know when their information may come in handy. Take the time to interact with your professors, their recommendations hold a lot of weight and go a long way. Programs with a placement component give you a great opportunity to network. Go above and beyond, make yourself memorable.These opportunities may land you a job and at the very least it'll give you insight into your profession. So Network and expand your circle and you'll see door opening open to success!

Stay focused, find balance, be confident and expand your network! Remember these four keys and you'll be on the right track to success! Going back to school is a big decision that can lead you to many great opportunities. Find your passion in life and get out there!

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