Developmental Disabilities Counselling Certificate

Program Overview

This introductory course will provide an overview of the evolution of services in Ontario. It will familiarize participants with terminology used in the field and values and principles guiding quality of life. It will provide information about common disorders and dual diagnosis. The dual diagnosis portion discusses how mental illness presents itself in individuals with developmental disabilities.

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Graduates will assist people with developmental disabilities to realize their full potential by forming lifelong partnerships with individuals and their families.

- Assist clients to develop their daily living skills
- Support clients in meeting physical/health needs
- Assist clients in developing their communication, social, life and daily living skills
- Aid clients in managing their finances
- Assist clients to participate in leisure time activities
- Support clients in developing an awareness of their religious background
- Help clients develop and maintain relationships with family, peers and staff.

Safe Management

This course includes verbal and physical techniques for dealing with escalating behavior. This is a hands-on course. Be prepared to participate in physical activities. Wear comfortable clothing and running shoes.

This course in crisis management and intervention - ‘‘Safe Management’’ replaced CPI in aiding individuals in crisis through a safe and pro-active de-escalation process.

Developed by the Safe Management Group, which is based in Oakville, Ontario, Safe Management training is a Canadian creation designed to provide professional, inclusive, and client-specific safety techniques for staff working with individuals who may become violent and upset for a variety of reasons. The focus of the training is; “to ensure the safety of everyone involved, to support the policies of individual agencies and adhere to all relevant government acts” (Safe Management Group). The philosophy behind Safe Management is in the prevention of violent incidents before they occur, and, should intervention become necessary, to be employed with the least intrusive measures as possible.

Career Opportunities

Graduates will gain employment opportunities with community organization dedicated to integrating individuals with developmental disabilities into the mainstream of society in a socially responsible manner.

They are also employed in the private sector for profit and nonprofit organizations, such as schools, colleges, residential care facilities and drug rehabilitation houses.

As a rehabilitation counselor, you will likely work with:
- Disabled people, either individually or in groups
- Employers, educating them about person with Disabilities Act
- Placement agencies who refer disabled people to employers

This program does not require approval under the Private Career Colleges Act, 2005

Course Duration | 12 weeks

Admission Requirements

1.PSW graduates with years of working experience/ OSSD/ Grade 12 or equivalent.
2.Current Resume;
3.Admissions Interview with an Education Consultant
4.Meeting with the Financial Aid Officer.

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